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Outsourced but Inside

We work hard to ensure that MARKETINGSERVICE feels more like your own in-house marketing department than an outside agency.

Since we offer skills in all marketing disciplines, we aren't biased to recommend one discipline over another (..say advertising, when direct marketing is the better option). We won't only try to sell you unnecessary advertising or PR or direct marketing – because we're not an advertising agency, a PR firm, or a direct marketing house. But of course we can offer all those things, if it is the right solution for your business. We always recommend whatever makes the most sense for your company.

You interact with one person only. The meter's not constantly running. We only charge for the work we do – not for telephone, vacation, office supplies, and so on.

If specialists are required, we will utilize our highly capable partners or agencies that best fit your needs. We will get them up to speed and manage them for you. In fact, we manage every facet of the project – artwork, direct mail, database, location, internal communications and whatever is needed.

We always stay in a close contact with you. We also talk directly to your team, your sales people or even to your finance department to make sure everything is fully co-ordinated. In line with the agreed plan we compile status information, timelines, cost estimations or management presentations for you. All documents are designed following your branding and Corporate Identity. We enable you to keep internal organisation and external staff informed.