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All Marketing Tools from a Single Source

We offer all the marketing tools from a single source. All carefully chosen to support your marketing needs:

General marketing support and consulting, especially eventmarketing, corporate events, exhibitions and conferences. But also the things around like direct marketing, agency contact and briefing, e-mail marketing, database management, artwork, corporate branding for brochures and presentations, budget controlling etc

With everything seamlessly integrated and coordinated by us. We will handle all the organisation and negotiation within our network of product and service suppliers like agencies, E-mail houses, translators, graphic designers, venues, even conference organizer. This ensures you obtain the most cost effective solutions whilst only having to deal with a single point of contact.

Your Benefit:

• Improved focus – You can put your energy into your organization's core competencies. If you have just a small marketing department, we will closely work together with them and they can continue to play to their strengths.


• Reduced overhead – You will avoid the cost of additional office space, IT equipment, vendor management, financial administration and training costs for the marketing team.

• Integrated marketing –When all your communications flow through one pipe, integration is much easier to achieve. Your messages will be consistent across audiences. You'll have a common look, feel and style for all your advertising, direct marketing, web and printed materials.

• Single point of contact - You control the strategy - Your marketing programs and plans will be based on how your customers want to receive information, how they make buying decisions and the unique characteristics of your company – not on what an agency pulls out of a catalogue.

• You only pay for what you use - You get the expertise of a whole marketing team experienced in all marketing and communications disciplines for less than the cost of employing one or two in-house positions.