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Full Service Eventmanagment

Industry Focused Events
We can manage your attendance at any exhibition or conference anywhere in Europe. We handle everything, from start to finish- even follow-up with the contacts generated at the event. We eliminate the hustle from dealing with the paperwork which has to be completed for the organisers. There is no need for you to organize accommodations or the booth creation or equipment. We submit your event paperwork, we create presentations, invitations, arrange meetings and more. To make a long story short – we’ll get you there in the best position, on time and in budget. Just arrive and generate your leads.


Corporate Events
Exhibitions and conferences are not the only way to build target audience awareness. Corporate events also give an unbeatable opportunity to get in touch with your most wanted prospects and existing customers. We search for the best locations wherever in Europe you want to be, do all creative work, compile the agenda, invite your guests and take care about everything that has to be done to guarantee a successful and effective event.


We have organised various European Exhibitions and Conferences as well as Corporate Events like Industry Seminars, Kick-Off Meetings, Workshops, Road shows, Training Programs, Sales Conferences, Executive Dinners etc.


…let’s be creative and find the best opportunity for your company